Your partner in safety and regulation

We are committed to ensuring safety and promoting regulatory compliance in both your business and home environments, by developing, implementing and maintaining systems for health, safety and environmental compliance in accordance with legislative standards and requirements.

Committed to ensuring you smoothly navigate the intricate landscape of safety and compliance.

At Keeping It Compliant, we fully grasp the paramount significance of safety and adherence to regulations for your organisation. We’re steadfast in fostering a culture of strict conformity, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities while we manage the rest.

Our Services

Occupational Health and Safety

Prioritising the wellbeing and safety of your workforce through meticulous planning and protocols.

Training and Education

Equipping your team with the knowledge they need to confidently uphold compliance standards.

Occupational Hygiene

Implementing measures to safeguard your employees from workplace hazards.

Regulations and Policies

Formulating effective policies that keep you aligned with the latest regulations.

Health and Safety Audits

Thorough assessments to pinpoint areas for enhancement and improvement.

Ergonomic Compliance

Designing ergonomic workspaces that promote wellbeing and productivity.

Risk Assessments

Identifying potential risks and devising strategies to mitigate them effectively.

Construction Risk and Compliance

Navigating the unique challenges of the construction industry while staying compliant.

Your safety and compliance are our foremost priorities.

At Keeping It Compliant, our approach is straightforward yet highly effective: offering personalised guidance and bespoke solutions. We understand that each business or home is distinct, which is why our experts collaborate closely with you to grasp your precise requirements. Drawing on our profound industry insight and extensive experience, we help you implement strategies that seamlessly align with your business objectives.

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