This unit standard will provide recognition for those who facilitate or intend to facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies.

Formal recognition will enhance their employability and also provide a means to identify competent learning facilitators.

  • Plan and prepare for facilitation
  • Facilitate learning
  • Evaluate learning and facilitation

  • Method:  Online

  • Duration:
    2 weeks
    Monday – Friday
    2 Hours a day
  • Unit Standard: 117871
  • Level:  NQF 5
  • Credits: 10


This generic assessor unit standard is for those who assess people for their achievement of learning outcomes in terms of specified criteria using pre-designed assessment instruments.

The outcomes and criteria may be defined in a range of documents including but not limited to unit standards, exit level outcomes, assessment standards, curriculum statements and qualifications

  • Demonstrate understanding of outcomes-based assessment
  • Prepare for assessments
  • Conduct assessments
  • Provide feedback on assessments
  • Review assessments

  • Method:  Online

  • Duration:
    1 Month permitted
    Monday – Friday
    5 sessions of 2 hours each

  • Unit Standard: 115753

  • Level: NQF 5

  • Credits: 15


Those who have achieved this unit standard will be able to moderate assessments in terms of the relevant outcome statements and quality assurance requirements.

The candidate-moderator will be able to use the prescribed Quality Assurance procedures in a fair, valid, reliable and practicable manner that is free of all bias and discrimination, paying particular attention to the three groups targeted for redress: race, gender and disability.

  • Demonstrate understanding of moderation within the context of an outcomes-based assessment system
  • Plan and prepare for moderation
  • Conduct moderation
  • Advise and support assessors
  • Report, record and administer moderation
  • Review moderation systems and processes

  • Method: Online

  • Duration:
    1 Month permitted
    Monday – Friday
    5 sessions of 2 hours each

  • Unit Standard: 115759

  • Level: NQF 6

  • Credits: 10


ETDP SETA is the Education, Training, and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority. It is a South African organisation established to oversee and promote education, training, and development practices in various sectors.

ETDP SETA ensures that education and training align with industry needs and standards. They develop and accredit training programs, facilitate skills development, and promote the professionalisation of educators and trainers.

Courses under ETDP SETA often focus on improving teaching and training methods, curriculum development, assessment, and related skills to enhance the quality of education and training in South Africa. These courses are essential for educators, trainers, and anyone involved in the development of skills and knowledge in various sectors.